FRANKLIN, Wis. – May 9, 2022 – PatientTrak, a leading patient engagement software provider, today announced the addition of electronic intake forms to its technology suite.

PatientTrak Digital Intake Forms is a world-class patient engagement solution that creates automated intake, reduces staff workload, and modernizes the patient experience.

The new HIPAA-compliant forms product eliminates paper from the registration desk and removes the often-tedious paperwork from the care setting. Before the appointment, patients simply click on a secure link via email or text to complete forms on a device of their choosing, from the comfort of home or on the go.

As hospital systems and healthcare centers seek to leverage technology, digital forms can reduce wait time, and increase patient flow efficiency and reduce no-shows.

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“The pandemic has further accelerated the need to digitize operations and to provide an efficient – and contactless – experience for patients,” said James Hermann, CEO of PatientTrak.

“Digital forms help healthcare managers enhance workflows and deliver a better arrival experience.”

Importantly, PatientTrak’s new forms product can digitize the organization’s existing forms, making set up a breeze. The forms tool can also collect e-signatures and send instant alerts upon form completion.

Patients appreciate the convenience of electronic forms that are desktop and mobile-friendly, reducing redundancy and making the best use of their time.

Hermann added:

“Automation and completion of the intake process prior to patient arrival significantly reduce staff workload. For the patient, the process is simple, convenient, and makes a great impression. For the healthcare org, this tech does the work for them – no paper, data entry or scanning.”

Created and customized for health system outpatient centers and large, multi-speciality physician practices, PatientTrak streamlines check-ins, consent, screenings, and more, enabling staff to easily identify opportunities to better manage patient care. 

Its automation and easy-to-use digital tools help clinicians analyze the patient experience in real time, from door to doctor to discharge.

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About PatientTrak

Focused on the healthcare enterprise, PatientTrak’s patient engagement platform seamlessly integrates with EHRs to improve staff efficiency and patient flow for arrival, digital intake, SMS messaging, healthcare delivery, and online scheduling as well as post-visit through surveys and reputation management. 

PatientTrak’s solutions are designed to measure, monitor and improve patient satisfaction while reducing staff workload through automation.

Media contact:
James Hermann
[email protected]

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