Patient flow and engagement platform that builds reputation and satisfaction

Improve Patient Experience

Optimize Patient Flow

Drive Patient Satisfaction

The best patient experience requires you to manage all aspects of the engagement cycle

  • Where are my patients?
  • Why isn’t our schedule full?
  • How long are our wait times?
  • Are we engaging our patients enough?
  • How efficient are patient arrivals and registration?
  • Why is our average Google star rating so low?

Take control of patient experience and watch satisfaction soar

Our scalable solutions help resolve pain points in the patient journey, raise the bar for patient experience, and build a reputation for sustainable growth.

We drive your patient satisfaction through the entire engagement cycle

patient satisfaction through the entire engagement cycle

Patient Engagement

Strengthen patient engagement and improve health outcomes

Communicate with patients and update family members via text. Send surveys, medication and appointment reminders, recalls, and share self-care information and service news.

Patient Flow

Measure, monitor and manage patient flow

Reduce wait times – the #1 driver of patient satisfaction – and optimize arrivals with our mobile, QR code, kiosk or virtual waiting room solutions. Improve visibility to workflow, and staff efficiency throughout the entire patient visit.

Reputation Management

Manage online reputation with confidence

Take control of your digital front door. Capture data in real-time, drive reviews where you want them and build a stellar reputation online. Drive operations and reviews with automated surveys.

We connect to your EHR

Meeting patient engagement

We are experts in the patient journey

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping healthcare organizations optimize patient flow, enrich patient engagement and elevate online presence.

We know what you are dealing with day-to-day, whether you’re a single-provider practice, a large hospital group, or a multi-facility healthcare enterprise. We understand.

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations take their patient flow, engagement, and reputation online from ordinary to extraordinary.

Whether you need help with arrivals, visit visibility, patient engagement or managing listings and reviews, we are here to help.

Get started in hours, not months

Your goals

We get to know your challenges and create a solution that meets your needs.

Our expertise

Take advantage of our over 20 years of workflow and IT integration experience

Total success

Our experienced team ensures your customized solution is up and running as quickly as possible.

Trusted by 100’s of leading healthcare brands

What other healthcare leaders are saying

PatientTrak has reduced the time for patients to see the provider by 63% and improved their experience.
Audrey Franks
Outpatient Operations Manager, Ascension Healthcare
PatientTrak software is extremely easy to manipulate and customize to fit the need. Direct text messaging to patients is a very useful tool that can be applied in many areas of healthcare.
Stacie Strong
Clinical Pathology Manager, Trinity Healthcare
PatientTrak has transformed our patient experience and helped us dramatically improve our patient satisfaction. From texting messaging during care, to self-scheduling, satisfaction surveys and online reputation, we now engage patients with the convenience of mobile and web tools that also allows us to focus on providing better care. We are growing our business using PatientTrak.
Dr. Mittal
CEO, Care United

Important FAQs

If you have any questions, no matter how big or small, feel free to speak to our experts today.

Wait time is the #1 factor in determining patient satisfaction.  PatientTrak is all about measuring, monitoring and improving wait time as well as staff efficiency.  Our solutions help you identify bottlenecks in your patient flow so you can get rid of them.  Our customers experience significant wait time reduction in as little as two weeks after using our system.

Our tracking software gives complete visibility to your workflow, so you know where all your patients are and how long they have been waiting at each step of the healthcare delivery process. Text messaging enables you to keep patients informed and keep staff up to date so they can intervene quickly when things slow down.

Yes! We are experts in patient engagement and passionate about helping healthcare organizations improve health outcomes and get patients better fast! Our customizable patient engagement solutions streamline workflow and empower patients to be more involved in their care.

Online appointment booking ensures scheduling convenience, automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows, and our innovative arrivals solution allows patients to check-in conveniently on their mobile phone.  We have solutions that can be used throughout the entire patient cycle, and enable communications between staff, patients and family.

Our software has been developed by patient engagement experts who fully understand the frustrations patients frequently encounter. With more than 15 years’ experience, we have finely tuned our software to help you develop more engaging relationships with your patients. And our survey software helps you to understand what’s bothering your patients so you can take immediate action to improve.

Every aspect of our software is designed to enhance the patient experience, from appointment scheduling through to discharge and post-visit.

Yes. Our software integrates seamlessly with all the leading platforms via HL7, API and other technologies. When you update patient information using your EHR, it flows seamlessly into PatientTrak.  Easily connected to PatientTrak to create a wealth of new patient engagement applications for your operation.

It’s so easy! We have an incredible team experienced in IT integration to help you manage the transition. Our experts can have you up and running in a few hours.

Our software is intuitive and easy to use, so we can equip key team members with the skills they need to start using the software straight away. Our motto is ‘get started in hours, not months’.

Patient satisfaction relies on patient experience. Our software improves patient flow, reduces wait times, increases patient engagement, offers a superior arrivals experience, and streamlines staff workflow. When your healthcare organization is working efficiently and effectively, you ensure a first-rate patient experience. Patient satisfaction follows.

We improve your satisfaction scores through our targeted and customizable software solutions that keep patients engaged and happy through their entire healthcare experience.