Patient Tracking Solutions

World class patient tracking

PatientTrak offers world class patient tracking solutions which can be used in any healthcare setting where tracking wait time and managing patient flow process is critical to the patient experience. From single provider practices to large hospital groups, to multi-facility healthcare organizations, our systems are both affordable and scalable.

Desk with multiple devices

Outpatient success

Import appointments from your scheduling system and track user defined “activities”, such as check-in time to treatment time, for example. Manage room usage by identifying those rooms which are under/over utilized.

Set manual or automatic alerts and generate custom reports for analysis of patient flow. Standard reports include Average Wait & Treatment Times, Peak Times by Area, Patient Count, Time Between Activities, and more.

Increase productivity

Manage the registration process effectively. Measure key milestones in the patient journey including arrival, registration, wait time and over cycle time. Increase staff productivity in many ways:

  • Stop looking for patients
  • Eliminate phone calls to other departments
  • Easily manage patient handoffs between departments
  • KPI reporting
  • Notifications of patient status
  • Identify and reduce bottlenecks
  • Streamline workflow
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