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How it all began

PatientTrak’s journey began in 2006, following a conversation between the founder, Phil Trimble and his wife, Marie, an ED nurse. After a busy and stressful shift at the hospital, she explained how difficult it was to keep track of patients and their status using a whiteboard.

Her experience that day had been particularly challenging and talking it through highlighted the difficulty healthcare staff can have with communicating needs and status.  The whiteboard wasn’t working. It was fixed in one spot which forced staff to go to a single area to view patient flow information.  All of the relevant patient tracking information including doctor and nurse assignments, bed number, whether lab results were pending, and other diagnostic information and timing could only be accessed from the lone whiteboard. 

Frustratingly, staff then had to walk to the back of the ED department to continually check patient status.  The conversation progressed into the idea that some sort of electronic, software driven whiteboard must be possible.  Surely it would be much more efficient if the whiteboard information was in a collaborative space on a computer.

And so PatientTrak’s journey began. From a simple conversation about ED challenges, our software solution was born.

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Our offering today

PatientTrak has evolved over the past 20 years to solve not just flow and status problems in the ED, but to ensure patients flow efficiently through the entire healthcare system from pre-visit to post-discharge. The software has been expanded to solve a myriad of challenges with patient flow, patient engagement and reputation management.

Our whole business model is built upon solving these challenges to maximize patient satisfaction and increase healthcare organization revenues.

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What makes us unique

PatientTrak first started from a passion to solve a problem with a software solution. This passion to overcome challenges is still at the beating heart of our business today. We are a genuinely and naturally curious bunch. We really want to understand your challenges and help to solve them. Our software has been developed to be fully customizable for this reason. Every solution fits the challenges you are asking us to solve.

Our first meeting with a client is never an elevator pitch about our product. We want to know about YOU! We want to understand your workflow and terminology. We need to understand your challenges and the patient journey in your healthcare organization first. This way, we can be sure to make you successful with PatientTrak right away. We think this makes us different from so many other healthcare software companies. Hard selling isn’t in our DNA. A genuine curiosity to understand and solve your challenges is.

The entire team has been carefully curated with this ethos in mind. Every team member is a patient flow and workflow expert and is genuinely passionate about what they do.

We drive your patient satisfaction through the engagement cycle.

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Our support and how we work with our customers

We are invested 100% in making you successful with our product. We want you to get the very best out of the solutions we have developed because we know when our systems are utilized fully, they can make a real difference to the lives of your patients, staff, and bottom line.

We’ve spent 20 years developing our solutions. We know they work but we also understand that our customers need the right level of support to experience them working brilliantly too.

That’s why we don’t just get you up and running and cut loose. We spend time helping you set up, train your key people properly and then we are here to support you through the entire lifetime of you using our product. Whenever you need assistance, our experts are here.

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