Appointment Reminders

92% of all text messages are read within three minutes.

Patients appreciate text reminders and they increase their engagement in the healthcare process.  Reminding patients about their upcoming appointment is a simple way to avoid no-shows and keep schedules full.  Appointment reminders via text keep clinics running smoothly and increase revenue.

Patients often schedule appointments weeks in advance.  So, when an appointment doesn’t get added to their calendar, it’s easy for a patient to forget.  No-shows disrupt your operations and hit your bottom line! 

Appointment Reminders - PatitentTrak

Keep your clinic schedules full and save staff time

PatientTrak helps eliminate the 7-10% of no-show appointments most healthcare providers experience. SMS text messages remind patients of their upcoming visits and give them ample time to reschedule so you can keep your clinic full.

Better Engagement

No other communication method comes close to engaging more patients than text messaging

Specific Campaigns

Create specific campaigns and messaging by appt. date, time, patient type, doctor and other factors.

Staff Efficiency

Eliminate the wasted time staff spends rescheduling patients and keep your revenue consistent. 

Happier Patients

Informed and engaged patients are happier and feel more positive about their healthcare.