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94% of patients choose providers online

Your online presence matters. Online provider and location profiles are the digital front door of your business and, therefore, a critical component of patient acquisition.

PatientTrak’s Listing Management platform helps you take control of the key sites and directories to ensure important information about your healthcare organization is unified across all major listing sites.

Like you, PatientTrak is focused on healthcare and manages key sites for the healthcare market as well as hundreds of other listings sites, global maps, apps, search engines, voice assistants, directories and social networks.

Scan a location or provider now to see what we could do for your organization’s listings!

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Healthcare Listings Management

Listings are often the first point of reference for patients. With attractive and accurate listings, you make a good first impression.

With our software, you can quickly and easily see if listings are accurate, consistent, optimized, have the right images, and are aligned with your brand.

Take control of your digital footprint and online presence with PatientTrak’s industry-leading listings management. Stand out to potential patients with consistent listings across hundreds of sites to improve patient acquisition.

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