Virtual Waiting Room

Wait in Comfort

Allow patients to wait for service in the comfort of their own home, vehicle, or allow them to step out to vending or to browse a gift shop. PatientTrak text messaging and online scheduling may be used to create a virtual waiting room and direct patients to sign-in from outside the facility, and allows staff to inform the patient when they ready to be seen.

Outpatient centers are changing or eliminating waiting rooms and leveraging technology to provide more freedom, while communicating status to patients and family members.

PatientTrak allows facilities to implement flexible sign-in, communication, and flow options that meet their waiting room needs.

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Phone image showing waiting room alerts

Virtual waiting room communication flow

Virtual waiting room communication flow

Text to sign-in is easy

Patients can sign-in via text message from home or anywhere outside of the facility.  Manage patients and visitors waiting in the parking lot and provide automated messaging based on the healthcare services they are going to receive.  Use a mobile ready form to gather basic assessment and demographic data.

Inform and direct patients and family members in a virtual waiting room inside or outside the facility using pre-built and automated text messaging.

Manage patient flow and expectations with PatientTrak.

Text to sign in
Parking lot queueing

Parking lot queuing

Manage patient flow starting in the parking lot or anywhere outside of the facility.

Automated text messages keep patients and family members informed of care progression.

Maintain social distance protocols by staging patients in safe areas and engaging them for care when you and the clinical environment are ready.

Starting from outside your building, PatientTrak provides all the tools to effectively communicate with patients and families while flowing them through care progression and adhering to safe distance protocols.