Patient Sign-In Kiosk

PatientTrak offers a touch screen sign in kiosk system, easily implemented on any touch screen monitor. The system is web-based, has a Spanish language option and only requires an Internet connection.

Why a touch screen sign in?
Eliminate manual data gathering, paper sign in sheets and HIPAA compliance challenges with a patient friendly sign-in kiosk.  The PatientTrak kiosk accurately records check-in time, wait time and keeps your waiting room running smoothly.

PatientTrak’s Sign In System allows a patient to type their name using a touch screen monitor. This simple to use sign in procedure is helpful in any setting in which patients need to be placed into a queue upon arrival. Once patients have signed in using the touch screen kiosk or monitor, their name is placed into a queue, optionally alerting the healthcare staff with a friendly audio chime on their computer.

PatientTrak’s kiosk comes complete with system software, touch screen computer hardware and either a desktop or floor stand.

Where is it used?
Lab Centers, Outpatient Services, Walk-in Clinics, Urgent Care Centers, and other healthcare facilities will find an immediate benefit through the use of the web-based sign in system, which assists not only in patient arrival management, but also flows directly into our full featured patient tracking system, which analyzes wait times, patient counts, and more.

How does it work?academic derm photo
In walk-in environments, the patient enters their name on a touch screen monitor or kiosk. The patient’s name is then┬áplaced into the waiting queue, for staff to review on office computers, or a large flat screen monitor. For scheduled appointments, the patient taps in some basic information (First and Last initial and Date of Birth), which looks up their appointment and adds the patient to the arrival queue.

Hardware & Software Requirements
To run the system, a touch screen monitor may be connected to any existing computer. Alternatively, a free standing kiosk may be selected, which connects to an all-in-one touch computer. Either method may be used to capture patient name and wait time at upon self check in.

The software is a hosted, cloud-based system, only requiring a web browser and Internet connection.

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