Patient Engagement

PatientTrak offers world-class patient satisfaction solutions for any healthcare setting. From single provider practices, to large hospital groups and multi-facility healthcare organizations, our systems are both affordable and scalable.

Patient Engagement 

Informed patients are happy patients. That’s why having software that makes patient engagement effortless is a worthwhile investment.

PatientTrak’s solutions improve enterprise-wide communication and efficiency of experience. Patients receive the treatment they need and go home happy.

Patient Tracking Solutions

Managing patient flow is critical to patient satisfaction. PatientTrak’s solutions are used to improve this by creating clear visuals of the flow, identifying bottlenecks, and redirecting patients to improve the efficiency of experience.

PatientTrak helps to manage the registration process effectively by eliminating phone calls to other departments, easily managing patient “handoffs”, reducing wait time, eliminating patient misplacement or oversights, and monitoring lobby and departmental waiting queues.

Appointment Reminders

PatientTrak’s Appointment Reminder solution allows you to send automated text message appointment reminders to reduce “no shows” and increase revenue.

Use PatientTrak and replace telephone calls to save significant staff time and increase patient engagement in the healthcare process. 

Text Message & Paging Systems

Text messaging patients, family members and staff during care is a convenient and effective way to communicate and direct them to the next steps of care progression. It has been shown to dramatically increase patient engagement and overall satisfaction.

Patients receive messages to let them know when they can be seen, while family members are no longer tied to specific areas of the facility, waiting for information on their loved one.  Staff members, meanwhile, are instantly notified with important details and when their services are requested.

PatientTrak can also provide pagers to support patients without phones.

Virtual Waiting Room

PatientTrak Text Messaging, Online Reservation and Text to Sign-In solutions can be used to create a virtual waiting room and direct patients to sign-in from outside the facility, and inform them when they are ready to be seen.

This is especially important in maintaining patient social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Online Reservation & Display Wait Time

The PatientTrak Online Reservation solution allows your patients to schedule appointments directly on your website, view accurate wait times, get into the queue and wait to be seen wherever is most convenient for them.

This provides a seamless patient experience as well as automated booking for the clinic.

Patient Acquisition & Retention

No other company can help you build your brand and turn consumers into satisfied patients like PatientTrak.

PatientTrak’s industry-leading set of patient satisfaction solutions including Visit Flow, Online Reputation Management, and Patient Engagement bring visibility to your process and patient experience and increase both patient acquisition and retention.

Practice Marketing

PatientTrak also provides valuable marketing solutions for your practice.

We boost your online reputation by upgrading the patient feedback process and improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), profile listing accuracy and completeness.