Text Messaging

Text messaging during care

Text Messaging patients, family members and staff during care is a convenient and effective way to communicate and direct them to the next steps of care progression.

Patients receive text messages letting them know when staff is ready.  Family members are no longer tied to specific areas of the facility, waiting for information on their loved one.  Staff members are instantly notified with important details when their services are requested.

Sending text message updates during the care delivery process dramatically increases patient engagement and overall satisfaction.

Phone image showing Text messaging during care - PatientTrak

Text message automation

Track status, communicate and engage patients with automated text messages to improve patient experience and flow

Text messaging automation flow - PatientTrak

Features and benefits

  • Send HIPAA-compliant messages to patients, staff, and family members
  • Create “One Click” Messages to standardize communication and save time
  • Text automation improves experience and flow, saving valuable staff time
  • Messages are stored and available for historical review
  • Set triggers to auto-send messages based on pre-defined criteria
  • Improve patient satisfaction with better communication


Using the same platform, PatientTrak sends messages to alphanumeric pagers, allowing you “check out” pagers to patients, visitors, and family, as needed.  PatientTrak can also provide pagers to support patients without phones.

One Click Messages