Broadcast Text Messaging

Tell everyone about it

We offer dozens of ways to communicate with your patients via text message.  Broadcast text messaging is a great way to get a focused communication out to a particular patient population quickly and easily.  It is also not dependent on the patient having an appointment.

Broadcast text messaging enables healthcare facilities to send bulk communications quickly for specific purposes including:

Woman holding a megaphone

Health Management

  • Population health management
  • Chronic care management
  • Targeted population health message campaigns
  • Recall messaging
  • Preventative care
  • Notification of missed follow-up care

Promote Services

  • Event marketing
  • Trigger referrals
  • Increase patient activation measure (PAM) scores
  • Marketing new and existing services
  • Physician review requests
  • New location or services

Connect with patients between appointments to keep them healthier

Simply upload a list of patients from your EHR/PM system and send.  Manage lists within PatientTrak and broadcast text messages to improve patient engagement and health.

Sent outside of appointments, broadcast text messages are one-way patient communications that improve outcomes, relationships, and your brand.