Automated Surveys

Real-time survey responses

Patient satisfaction surveys capture important information about service delivery and play a vital role in understanding the patient experience. Automated surveys sent directly to your patients are the most powerful and comprehensive way to truly measure patient satisfaction.  

When you have an automated and real-time survey process, it makes gathering insights and acting on them a whole lot easier. 

Send automated, customized, real-time surveys to gather and respond to feedback quickly.

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Make patient surveys easy

Enterprise View

Capture and organize feedback to view by provider, specialty, group, location, and more, in our enterprise-level dashboard.

Powerful Analysis

Get everything you need all in one place and turn insights into actions with our powerful analysis tools.

Improve Operations

Patient experience is a key driver of loyalty and revenue. Surveys tell you exactly where you need to improve.

Drive Reviews

Identify advocates and direct patients to leave a review on sites like Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Vitals & WebMD.





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PatientTrak benefits

Survey Dashboard

Gain valuable insight from patient feedback in a format that meets your organization’s needs.

EHR Compatible

Connect to your EHR to provide a completely automated solution for survey distribution. Patient feedback flows into the dashboard daily for optimal reporting and response.

Reviews/Survey Comparison

Compare online reviews with survey results in real-time to gain a more complete picture of your patient feedback.

Insight and Action

Categorize responses, set up alerts, create customized reporting, enable transparency on your website, and turn insight into action.

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