We all are regularly asked to complete surveys on the products and services we purchase almost every time we make a purchase.  Sometimes we respond, other times we do not for any number of reasons.

Manufacturers and service providers send surveys as a way to collect customer feedback and ultimately improve their business.  They would never intentionally send a survey to someone who was not their customer as it wouldn’t make sense and would falsify their results.

Recent studies and a recent article in the Washington Post  show that fake reviews are common in the healthcare industry.  Fake Review Watch, a consumer watchdog site, has found dozens of Facebook groups where businesses, including medical practices, buy and sell fraudulent reviews.

Curtis Boyd, CEO and founder of Objection, which specializes in identifying fake business reviews, said that about 20 percent of business reviews in the healthcare industry, including physician reviews, have suspicious review activity on Google and Yelp.

Relying on feedback from public websites poses a risk to any healthcare provider.  Surveying your patients directly offers a much more consistent, scientific and accurate view of your actual patient satisfaction.  Surveys can be sent to verifiable patients and using sound survey methodology is the best way to truly measure the patient experience.

PatientTrak offers both review monitoring and automated survey tools to support our healthcare provider customers.

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