At PatientTrak we are dedicated to continuously improving our platform and providing our users with the best possible experience. In keeping with this commitment, we are pleased to announce several exciting updates to our scheduling and patient management features.

One significant enhancement is the addition of a Conversational Text Messaging Modal that will now open directly from the Scheduling page, eliminating the need for users to navigate to a separate page. This change streamlines the user experience and saves valuable time.

We have also added a new feature that enables users to customize the columns displayed on the Scheduling Page. By selecting the ellipses, users can now add or remove columns as needed, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience. Additionally, users can now change the order of the columns on the Scheduling Page, further enhancing the user experience and making it easier to find the information they need.

In addition to these scheduling updates, we have also made improvements to our patient management tools. The Intake Kiosk Welcome and Thank You fields now check for incorrect HTML code, ensuring a smooth and error-free experience for both patients and staff.

To further enhance the patient management experience, we have added a new Change Log tab on the Patient Detail Page. This feature allows users to view a log of all actions performed on a patient, providing a comprehensive history of changes made to their record. This information is logged automatically, ensuring that users have access to a complete and accurate record of a patient’s interactions with the platform.

These updates represent significant improvements to our platform and will enhance the user experience for our users in their workflows. We remain committed to delivering the best possible tools and features to promote patient management.

Want to read about our latest enhancements and fixes as they release? Keep an eye on our releases page!

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