PatientTrak comes complete with a robust reporting package that enables users to analyze the entire patient treatment process and identify bottlenecks to improve patient flow and satisfaction. From wait times to patient demand reporting, PatientTrak brings visibility to the patient treatment process from “door to discharge.”


Key Reports – PatientTrak includes over 20 patient tracking reports including Average Wait and Treatment Times, Patient and Staff Activities, Average Time in Area, Time Between Activities, Maximum Wait Times, outlier reporting and many other useful analysis tools.


Individual Patient Information – A patient’s satisfaction is directly linked to the time they spend in your facility. PatientTrak can produce reports from weekly and monthly department averages all the way down an individual patient’s experience. This helps identify anomalies and outliers that affect patient satisfaction.


Staff Efficiency – PatientTrak is designed to measure staff productivity. Staff time with patients and staff activities can be tracked and reported as part of the patient experience. This can be used by management to monitor staff performance within the treatment process.

Reporting – PatientTrak with its built-in reporting is designed to capture the end-to-end patient experience regardless of other systems that may be in place for specific clinical purposes (lab system, radiology, EMR etc). PatientTrak is regularly used alongside other health information systems as it provides a comprehensive view of the entire treatment process with respect to time and patient satisfaction.