Wait Time Test

Long waiting times can lead to dissatisfied patients and lost revenue.  Using the PatientTrak Web Check-In solution, your patients can view the current wait time at your facility. Patients can check-in right from your website and get into the waiting queue while remaining in the comfort of their home. Patients go to your website, view the waiting time and can check-in before coming to the facility.

Staff can monitor patient demand levels and even send text messages to patients alerting them that it is time to come into the facility.

Urgent Care Wait Time

Current Wait Time:


Multiple Urgent Care Facilities – Steer Patients to the Facility with the Shortest Wait Time
Providing wait times right on your website allows patients to choose which of your urgent care centers they want to go to based on wait time. Patients are more likely to use facilities with shorter wait times which leads to greater patient satisfaction and more balanced staff loading for you as the provider.

Text Messaging Patients – Let Patients Know You are Ready for Themipad image
When patients check-in from home and provide a mobile phone number, staff can send them a text message to let them know when it’s time to come into the facility. This simple and convenient communication solution will increase patient satisfaction and make you a preferred provider.

Improve Patient Satisfaction
High patient satisfaction is a critical to your success as a healthcare provider. Using PatientTrak Urgent Care Waiting Solutions is a cost effective way to improve patient satisfaction while improving flow and increasing staff efficiency.


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