Virtual Waiting Room Case Study – Akron Children’s Hospital

During the COVID crisis when many outpatient centers were closed to do the uncertainty caused by the virus,  Akron Children’s identified the need for social distancing once these centers were re-opened.  Akron Children’s approached PatientTrak to see if there was a solution available to provide a safe flow of patients entering the facility.

Also, they wanted staff workflow to remain in their Epic EHR.

PatientTrak worked with the Akron IT Team to create a Virtual Waiting Room solution that is driven by the Epic system and enabled by PatientTrak and our Epic App Orchard integration.



This Virtual Waiting Room solution is being utilized across all of Akron’s ambulatory and outpatient facilities to create an efficient flow of patients and communications while enabling social distancing.

The enterprise solution handles 100,000 patient visits per month and sends millions of text messages per year.