PatientTrak has been integrated with dozens of healthcare information systems including all of the leading systems noted here:

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PatientTrak’s industry leading patient visibility and communication platform is also HL7 compliant for advanced system interoperability.

PatientTrak can provide an HL7 interface to your:

– ADT system
– Scheduling system
– Other practice management systems

Patient Schedule – The most common integration between PatientTrak and other EMR, practice management and healthcare information systems is the daily patient schedule. PatientTrak can import a patient schedule using HL7 or a comma delineated format from outside information systems and use this to create an appointment listing.  This integration saves users considerable time by avoiding re-entry of patient information. It normally only takes a few hours during the initial configuration to get this connectivity in place.

Status Changes – You can update patient status using your EMR/EHR and this information will flow into PatientTrak.  Using EMR/EHR entries and PatientTrak entries can provide a complete picture of the patient experience.

Kiosk Patient-Schedule Matching – Once the schedule information has been sent to PatientTrak, patients using the kiosk are automatically discovered and placed on the tracking board. This eases patient arrival, prevents duplicate patient information and frees up the receptionist to potentially focus on other work.

Reporting – PatientTrak with its built-in reporting is designed to capture the patient experience from door-to-discharge regardless of other systems that may be in place for specific clinical purposes (lab system, radiology, EMR etc). PatientTrak is regularly used alongside other health information systems as it provides a comprehensive view of the entire treatment process with respect to time and patient satisfaction.

Integration and Connectivity – PatientTrak is a robust information platform that can be easily integrated with other systems to create information synergy and improve patient satisfaction. Please contact us today with your integration questions as we would be happy to discuss our capabilities with you.

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