System adds PatientTrak application to virus prevention toolkit

At University Hospitals (UH) patient safety is the highest priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, UH patients have an additional option to reduce the risk of virus transmission. PatientTrak is a virtual waiting room that enables the patient to communicate effectively with staff so they can arrive at their appointment on time while avoiding an in-person waiting room.

PatientTrak is not a traditional smartphone app and there is nothing for the patient to download. Patients receive a text with a link that alerts staff that they have arrived and enables real-time status updates and communication between staff and the patient. More than 10,000 patients used the tool across the UH system the first day it was implemented.

PatientTrak is an application that:

  • Provides patients with an appointment reminder via text 90 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment
  • Allows patients to remain safely in their vehicle instead of the waiting room
  • Sends a text notification when it is time to come in and be seen for their appointment

“This technology will prevent patients from waiting in our waiting rooms, helping us to further build the confidence of our patients that we are ‘UH Safe’ and a place where they can receive the best possible care,” said Danielle Chickerella, COO, UH Physician Network & Clinical Institutes.

PatientTrak comes in addition to other tools UH has already employed for health and safety including universal mask-wearing in its facilities, patient and caregiver screenings, physical distancing and handwashing.

This technology is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, but UH expects patients to enjoy its usefulness and convenience into the future.

Link to UH Press Release

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