Touchpoints are any moment that the healthcare organization interacts with a patient – or potential patient – at any time during their healthcare journey. These touchpoints include “non-personal” interactions such as advertisements and digitized communication, as well as “personal” connections when a member of staff directly interacts with the patient. Together, these touchpoints on the patient journey make up the overall patient experience.

Improve the patient experience with streamlined touchpoints

Healthcare organizations are becoming more and more invested in improving patient relations by focusing on improving each touchpoint. By offering consumers user-friendly touchpoints that allow them to engage with their healthcare provider, these organizations can not only improve patient experience but also improve patient outcomes.

The reality is, patients who have higher levels of concordance with their providers are more likely to comply with their physician’s recommendations as well as leave good reviews and recommend the practice to others.

Patients can take more control of their healthcare experience by being able to choose when and how to interact with healthcare organizations. Most people prefer organizations that provide text messaging as a communication channel, and about 57% of patients expect providers to communicate with them about routine healthcare via text. Furthermore, some studies have found that texting patients with chronic conditions may improve disease self-management.

Text Message Automation Solution

In response to patient preferences, text message automation is a new patient engagement solution that utilizes patient text messaging software to cover many patient touchpoints. This streamlined patient engagement strategy provides healthcare companies with a consistent and reliable way to engage with patients, while also allowing for patient interaction.

By giving healthcare providers useful ways to track the interactions with and outcomes of patients, the solution benefits healthcare professionals as well. Overall, a text message automation solution improves healthcare provider-patient touchpoints.

This system improves consistency and flow by ensuring that patients and any other necessary parties, such as carers or guardians, are contacted with appropriate information in a timely manner. It allows patients to respond quickly and efficiently to inquiries. Additionally, the solution gives patients a more efficient and user-friendly way to accomplish necessary tasks such as intake and surveys. The solution also ensures that all communication is HIPAA compliant so that the patient’s electronic personal health information is protected.

Text Message Automation - PatientTrak

Pre Check-in

The touchpoints that are covered during pre-check-in include pre-appointment tools, such as patient appointment scheduling, HIPAA compliant appointment reminders, and subsequent appointment confirmations.

Arrival and Wayfinding texts ensure that patients can find the location for their in-person appointment and are aware of any protocols that may affect their appointment, including any current COVID-19 protocols.  

Check-in and During Care

At the time of the actual appointment, the patient can check-in via text, prompting healthcare providers to give patients timelines and access to a custom patient intake software. That way, patients can fill out necessary paperwork while waiting for their medical appointment or review information that the physician would like to share with the patient. Physicians can also text links to begin telehealth visits. During the actual visit, staff can send real-time updates to family, if needed.


A text message automation solution also covers the discharge touchpoint, along with a post-discharge clinical follow-up, which aids in adherence and compliance with the physician’s recommendations. Healthcare companies can also request feedback from patients based on the overall appointment experience via text. For patients who have chronic conditions or situations that need monitoring, texting during care ensures that patient engagement continues beyond the actual appointment.

Overall, text message automation is a great way to meet patients where they are, efficiently engaging with them and encouraging collaboration, and possibly improving their outcomes.

PatientTrak offers this solution to healthcare organizations looking to streamline patient touchpoints in a user-friendly, efficient way. Contact us today to find out more.

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