Text Messaging Increases Satisfaction and Reduces Anxiety in the Surgical Process

December 31st, 2019 — PatientTrak Marketing

A new study published in 2019 by Moffitt Cancer Center shows that communicating through text messaging during the surgical process has a high impact on patient and family satisfaction.  Family members reported increased satisfaction with communication by 28% in the waiting area.  The nursing staff assessed the family to determine what information “mattered most” and provided that level of communication during the surgery.

Families also reported 91% decreased anxiety during their wait for surgery after the practice implemented the new communication process.

Nurses reported increased comfort in addressing families by 37%

Addressing “what matters most” prior to and throughout surgery with an oncology patient’s family positively affects outcomes which can be tracked as faster recovery time, decreased hospital length of stay, and decreased overall complications to invasive surgery during the most compromised time of their lives.

PatientTrak text messaging is the primary tool being used at Moffitt Cancer Center to communicated between the Operating Room and the Family Waiting Room during surgery.

See the full Moffitt Cancer Center study here.