PatientTrak, a leader in patient engagement is pleased to be a key component of Fairfax County Health Department’s Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout.  PatientTrak’s HIPAA compliant text messaging had already been in use at Fairfax to text message patients for Covid-19 testing and was expanded to schedule, arrive, message and track patients receiving the vaccine.

Fairfax County Health Dept. Informatics and IT Manager, Noel Clarin, states, “having a system like PatientTrak helps us manage clinic flow, and relieves a lot of pressure on our staff allowing them to focus on other important tasks within real-time operations.”

PatientTrak is not a traditional smartphone app and there is nothing for the patient to download. Patients receive a text appointment reminder the day before and an arrival link 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment.  They use the link to sign-in, alerting staff that they have arrived.  This enables real-time status updates and communication between staff and the patient.  Staff also uses PatientTrak to manage patient information and workflow milestones.

More than 20,000 Fairfax County Residents have already used the tool since the start of Covid-19.

“Our enterprise platform enables staff to set-up appointment reminders, schedules and text message patients before, during and after the vaccination keeping patients safe and this high-volume process very efficient,” said James Hermann, PatientTrak CEO.

About PatientTrak

Focused on the healthcare enterprise, PatientTrak provides patient satisfaction solutions that seamlessly integrate with EHRs improving staff efficiency and patient flow for arrival, engagement, healthcare delivery, social distancing, and online scheduling as well as post-visit through surveys and reputation management.  PatientTrak’s virtual waiting room solutions are now being deployed to support Covid-19 testing and vaccine rollouts nationwide.

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