We are super excited to announce the release of PatientTrak’s new digital intake forms, which remove the paper from your registration desk and give your patients an all-round better experience.

How does it work? Digitize your current forms, then send them automatically via Text or Email so your patients can fill them out prior to their appointment. It’s quick, simple to set up, and saves time.

PatientTrak’s digital intake forms help you to create contactless intake, reduce staff workload and modernize your patient experience.

PatientTrak’s Digital Intake Form Features

  • Text or email forms prior to patient visit
  • Customized to your healthcare organization
  • Mobile friendly
  • Receive instant alerts on form completion
  • Collects e-signatures
  • Premium service for recreation of forms by PatientTrak
  • Create or update your own forms
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Advanced form logic

Streamline your workflow

With our digital intake forms you can streamline:

  • Check-ins
  • Consent
  • Screenings

In fact, digitize any form you like! And no more scanning of patient forms, which is time-consuming and expensive.

Improve patient flow and wait times

Everything your client needs to complete at their visit can be done digitally before they arrive. Having forms completed before arrival removes one of the most frustrating hold-ups in the patient journey – form-filling! Reduce wait times, improve patient satisfaction, and see more patients!

Superior patient arrivals

Digital intake forms are such an easy way to improve the patient arrivals experience. Patients don’t want clipboards and forms to complete on arrival at your healthcare facility, especially since the pandemic.

Patients prefer to fill in forms from the comfort of their own home or the location of their choosing from a device that suits them – whether that’s on-the-go via a tablet or mobile device, or at home from their computer.

Cut down mistakes

Patients are less likely to make mistakes when filling out the form before their visit – remember, healthcare appointments can provoke anxiety. When filling out a form on site, people are also more likely to rush. At home, the patient can take all the time they need in a non-stressful environment.

Ease of use

Automate your intake forms so they go to your patients at the optimum time before their appointment. Send via text or email. Patients click on a secure hyperlink to access the form and it is automatically returned on completion. In case of interruption, forms get saved automatically, so patients can come back to them. We’ve made the whole process effortless and easy for patients and staff.

Reduce costs

Cut costs with digitized intake forms. No time-consuming scanning. No storage. No paper.

Build trust with branded forms

Reinforcing your brand at every step of the patient journey helps to build trust. Digital intake forms are just one of the many places you can reinforce your brand, which will help towards building a loyal patient base.

Are you ready to modernize your arrivals experience?

Ready to streamline your workflow and improve the patient experience? PatientTrak’s digital forms are straightforward to set-up and so easy to use.

Our patient flow experts will have you up and running in no time.

Contact us today for a demo.

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