New Case Study Shows PatientTrak Reduces Wait Time by 67%

July 17th, 2018 — PatientTrak Marketing

Implementing PatientTrak will reduce patient wait and cycle time through improved workflow visibility to patient status and staff communications.  In a recent case study of a high volume New England Hospital outpatient center, PatientTrak reduced average patient wait time in the Lobby from 15 to 5 minutes and Registration time from 13 to 6 minutes.

The PatientTrak tracking solution, including a patient sign-in kiosk, was configured to fit the client’s application and was up and running in 24 hours. The staff immediately noted the workflow visibility the software provided as well as the queuing benefit the kiosk created.  The reduction in wait time for the Lobby and Registration areas was result of the real-time visibility and improved staff communication PatientTrak provides.

The study also showed that PatientTrak reduces patient cycle time.  A reduction in cycle time not only increases patient satisfaction but also increases capacity and potential revenue.  There were two major findings in the cycle time data:

21% reduction in per patient cycle time

50% reduction in the number of patients with a cycle time in the 41-60 mins range


Wait Time is the #1 factor in Patient Satisfaction

In addition to the operational savings and improved throughput, decreased patient wait time is also proven to result in higher patient satisfaction. As the PatientTrak platform monitors and measures both wait time and satisfaction, users see this direct correlation and benefit.

Higher patient satisfaction results in a greater likelihood a patient will return to a particular provider for future services, as well as higher revenues and profit margins for providers.

Download the full case study here.