As the healthcare industry returns to scheduling a full slate of outpatient and elective services, many facilities are grappling with how to create and maintain social distancing for their patients.

Traditionally, community laboratories have prided themselves on offering their services without the need for an appointment.  They strive to provide convenient and quality services for their patients and referral sources without the burden of scheduling appointments.

All of this has changed with COVID-19.

Laboratory patient service centers can no longer risk having multiple patients arrive unannounced and are moving to online self scheduling platforms to separate patients from each other.

PatientTrak has developed a robust online, patient self schedule function and our lab customers across the country are using it to schedule patients for all of their lab services.  The self scheduling includes mobile arrival notification as well as appointment cancellation.

Community labs have been forced to change their entire operational model from “no appointments” to “appointments only.”  PatientTrak provides the digital tools to make this transition easy for labs and safe for patients.

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