Facilities That Track Patient Flow and Feedback Have Higher Patient Satisfaction

June 8th, 2018 — PatientTrak Marketing

Leading health care facilities are leveraging technology to be more competitive, improve efficiency, drive patient satisfaction and increase revenue.

Improved patient flow, staff communication and patient feedback mechanisms are critical to increasing patient satisfaction, engagement, and maximizing reimbursement. Tracking the patient experience from door-to-discharge and post-visit through applications like PatientTrak visit flow and online reputation management software are key factors for patient acquisition and retention.

A study of PatientTrak data across all medical services, shows that the #1 factor in patient satisfaction is wait time.  Generally, the longer a patient waits for healthcare services the less satisfied they will be with those services.

PatientTrak’s HIPAA compliant patient tracking software gives providers and staff visibility into patient flow uncovering bottlenecks to decrease patient wait times, as well as capturing real-time feedback through fully automated same-day patient surveying.