Is PatientTrak HIPAA Compliant?
Yes. PatientTrak exists in a totally secure environment, with security levels equal to those of online banking. According to HIPAA requirements, PatientTrak creates audit trails, requires logins and passwords, and provides data encryption to ensure your organization and patient information is private and secure.  For more information on how PatientTrak supports HIPAA compliance, please review our whitepaper: HIPAA_The_Role_of_PatientTrak_in_Supporting_Compliance

Do I need to invest in new computers or hardware?
PatientTrak is a cloud-based solution, which only requires an Internet connection. Your Organization’s existing computers, laptops and tablets may be used to run the system.

How does the patient information get into the PatientTrak system?
Patient information is received into PatientTrak in one of three ways:

  1. A receptionist, registrar, etc. enters the patient name and information as the patient arrives.
  2. By importing a file of the day’s appointments from your scheduling system (Either HL7 or .CSV).
  3. The patient enters their name upon arrival via a touch screen monitor or kiosk

Can the system be customized?
Yes. If you should require additional features beyond our standard configuration options, our experienced group of developers can assist in customizing the software to fit your needs.

What is the price of PatientTrak?
Our pricing is based on the number of computers running the system. Monthly costs generally range from $395.00 to $895.00, depending on the number of computers accessing the program. Please contact our sales group for further detail.

How reliable and secure are PatientTrak facilities?
Our servers are housed in a SSAE16 certified data center that is HIPAA compliant.  Our servers are monitored 24/7 and our system data is backed and stored at secure sites across the USA in the event of regional storms or catastrophes.  We pride ourselves on our premium network infrastructure.

Does PatientTrak provide reports for review and analysis?
PatientTrak has 25 built-in reports available in the system. Patient Visit Count, Average Wait Time, Length of Stay, and many other reports are standard. You may also export your data to build your own custom reports, or engage PatientTrak for report writing services.

What type of computer monitor do we need?
Your existing computer monitors are sufficient for running PatientTrak. Some organizations find that mounting a large flat screen monitor may assist in viewing patient flow information. You may also choose to use the “public display mode” which masks the patient name on a large, publicly visible monitor.

What if we want to run PatientTrak in-house, on our own servers?
We prefer to host the system, as this is a more efficient method of software delivery, as noted in our Cost Comparison Report. Please contact our sales team if a traditional software purchase and in-house installation is a requirement of yours.

Can PatientTrak interface with our scheduling or appointment system?
Yes. PatientTrak is fully HL7 compliant and can also accept a comma delineated file containing patient names, appointment times, and reason for visit. This allows the user to simply “move” the patient into the waiting room once the patient arrives, eliminating the need to re-key the patient’s information.