Lean Healthcare

PatientTrak has been implemented as a key information and reporting tool in support of Lean Healthcare initiatives. PatientTrak’s robust reporting capabilities allow users to analyze the entire patient treatment process and identify areas of waste.

Lean Healthcare Chart
Map the Process – PatientTrak brings visibility to the patient treatment process from “door to discharge.” The software captures the time of all activities in the process and has built-in reporting to create the information needed to streamline processes and improve flow.

Patient Demand – PatientTrak’s reporting includes Patient Demand and a wealth of other reports including Patient and Staff activity, Time in Area reporting, Time Between Activities, Maximum Wait Times, outlier reporting and many other useful analysis tools.

Eliminate Anomalies and Waste – PatientTrak captures the data needed to measure all of the steps in a patient’s treatment, identify anomalies and outliers and expose waste. It is an essential tool for facilities working on Lean Healthcare Initiatives and striving to improve patient satisfaction.

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