Patient Tracking Systems

Medical professionals understand that determining room availability, knowing if a patient has recently been checked-in, registered, treated, or why they are waiting, are important, but difficult tasks in a busy healthcare facility. We have worked with healthcare industry experts to design a simple, affordable solution, currently managing patient flow in many different types of healthcare organizations.

Our Patient Tracking and Patient Sign-In Systems can be used in any setting which requires patient flow management and a high level of patient satisfaction. Healthcare organizations will find an immediate benefit through the use of the web-based applications, which assist in checking in patients, monitoring wait times, providing status updates, analyzing staff productivity, and more.

As PatientTrak applications are cloud-based, hosted systems, they only require a web browser and Internet connection, resulting in a method of software delivery which is affordable, quick-to-implement, and simple to use. The ability to run a full-featured patient tracking or check-in system has never been easier.

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